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Bed : The Most Favorite One in the Furniture World

At the end of a long tiring day at work, beds are the ones which takes up all the limelight. Whether you wish to listen to your favourite music? Watch your favourite series? Surfing online? Or just sleep! Bed is surely where you spend most of your time on holidays or weekends. And for all these reasons, you undoubtedly need to have the most comfortable one.

At Wooden Street, we have brought you an exclusive collection of well-designed and high-quality comfortable beds online in India which are crafted from solid wood and coated up in rich finishes. So, give your bedroom an austere appearance by finding the one that's perfect for you.

Meet the Family of Solid Wood Beds Online at Wooden Street

We have various types of beds to suit every room needs. Be it for living room, bedroom or kid’s room. For bedrooms, we have beds with storage, without storage, upholstered and hydraulic beds. For Living Rooms, we have Divan and Sofa cum beds. And, for kids room also, we have three different options which include Trundle beds, Bunk beds and Kids beds.

How to Buy Perfectly Designed Bed for your Bedroom?

When you are planning to buy bed online this question pops instantly and it is quite obvious too. Since buying beds is a big investment and you want it to be perfect. As it is not a frequent investment to be honest and you would like it to last for a really long time period. Before you plan to buy a new bed for your room think about the type of bed you exactly need and find the right one.

Choosing the perfect bed is not a tedious task. There are some basic pre-requisites for buying wooden bed online that one must follow. First and foremost is which wood is the best for beds? We would suggest the solid wood if you are from India. Second, sort out the dimensions of bed and your room. Decide which type of bed you are actually looking to fit inside your bedroom. If you are single then a twin bed/single bed will be the best option. Looking to buy wooden bed online for your master bedroom? Then you should go for the Double bed, it can easily accommodate two adults and provide ample comfort. There are two types of Double beds viz. King beds and Queen beds. The King bed is larger in dimension and can be installed in bigger rooms, whereas the Queen bed is more suitable for bedrooms which can accommodate a double bed but have limited space. Then comes the option of storage and utility, beds are now available with great storage options. Depending upon your needs, you can choose the type of storage facility you require in a bed. This storage section can be on the headboard or underneath the bed. We also have beds with upholstery and storage option.

Next factor is the finish on the wood. Always go with the type of finish which matches your interior, you would never like to have a mismatch in your bedroom decor. The last factor is how easily you can install and dismantle your bed. This is an important point to notice, for when you are moving to a new place or installing a new bed at you existing habitat. Easy installation makes it very convenient and time-saving.

If you are planning to install a bed in your guest room then go for the trundle bed. These beds provide a good level of comfort. If you have kids at home you can buy Kids bed or Bunk bed online. These are comfortable, playful and user-friendly at the same time. You will find a plethora of modern and playful beds online for growing kids. These beds also come with a lot of additional accessories like extra storage and study area. So, go ahead and buy the perfect bed online as a gift for your child.

Benefits of Buying Beds Online from Wooden Street

Our aim is to assure that you get maximum benefits by shopping with us. Along with the plethora of options in beds, we also offer some of the benefits which include:

Customisation: A Next Level of Personalization

Customer understanding is our reality and to experience this reality; we offer the facility to customise the bed design as per customer’s choices and preferences, to give your bedroom a more stylish and look. Yes, at Wooden Street one has the liberty to customise their bed furniture as per the colour, finish, size and other aspects. With customization, we also offer the occasional discounts and cash back to the customers with free delivery and insatallation services.

Customer Support: A 24*7 Free Service

Customer support is our responsibility. For this, we provide 24*7 hassle-free support and secure payment facility. Now designing and decorating your bedroom will be lighter on your pocket with Wooden Street!

Feel the Happiness By Shopping Bed Online from Wooden Street

We believe in spreading happiness through our products and services. Wooden Street has an extensive range of wooden beds, available in finesse finishes. To experience the products in person, you can visit any of our experience stores. We have our experience stores in 6 cities across India. We have brought happiness and comfort to the lives of thousands of families and are assured to keeping up the same.

The top-Selling products such as the Adolph, Travis and Walken bed with storage are the show-stoppers at Wooden Street. The beautiful patterns and durable quality of the solid wood beds make Wooden Street, the ideal shopping place to buy beds online in India.