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Wingback Chairs


Wingback chairs are armchairs that have specially built wings at the top of the backrest, which have been purposefully designed for providing a warm and comfortable seat in the fireplace area. These wing chairs are comfortable chairs, which are fully covered with cushioned-upholstery, having a deep-seated design with tall backs, offering the best relaxation in the fireplace area. Also, the colourfully patterned upholstery fabric of the wingback chair gives a charming look to its aesthetics and make it a delightful unit for the interiors of living rooms.

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Wing Chairs: Stylistically Adorable and Subtle to Comfortably Settle

Wing chairs are specially designed chairs for fireplace area. The backrest of these winged arm chair have protruding wings, which makes the chair help lock heat, providing a warm and cosy place for the interiors of modern times.

These wingback chairs have soft and comfortable upholstery fabric covered over them, which is colourfully patterned, making the chairs a fine blend of comfort and decor. Also, these wing chairs have deep-seated designs, thick cushions, tall and spacious backrest with comfy bolster-like armrests. Some of the wingback chairs with deep-buttoned tufted upholstery give a unique look to the aesthetics of the chairs.

Varieties of Wingback Chairs: Designs to Admire For the Sire

Here you can find unique designs and styles of wing chairs that vary in their aesthetic designs, styles, comfort level, and upholstery fabric.

  1. On the Basis of Upholstery Aesthetics - Here you can find wingback chair available in different looks of upholstery fabrics, both with solid colours as well as floral patterns. The different solid colour shades include Indigo Blue, Olive Gold, and Chocolate Brown. The different floral pattern alternatives to choose from including Aqua Flower, Dusky Leaf, Teal Tulip, and Cream Blossom.
  2. On the Basis of Fabric Quality - The upholstery fabric options are available in two different options viz, cotton and velvet. Both the fabrics are premium in quality with durable and long-lasting fiber strength.
  3. On the Basis of Comfort Level - The wing chairs, available here, have different comfort levels. Some of the models such as the Botox Wingback chair has a spacious and seat and backrest with a bolster-like armrest. While, models such as Joan Wingback chair has an elegant look with a comparatively slender design, with a thin and elegant design of armrests.
  4. On the Basis of Tufting - Some of the designs of wing chair have deeply buttoned tufting on the backrest, such as the Danon wingback chair, elevating the look of the Wing chair big time.

Custom-Made Designs of Wing chair at Wooden Street: You Fanta "Size", We Create

Wooden Street has a vast range of unique designer Wingback chairs that are made up of solid hardwoods, such as mango and Acacia, imparting long-lasting durability to the chair unit. The chairs bottoms are also overlaid with a variety of different shades, such as walnut, honey, mahogany, and teak. Wooden Street is well-known for its customisation services, which allows the customer to tweak the design, aesthetics, and size of the chair as per their preferences.

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